As a kid (more years ago than I’d like to admit!), we always had chickens in the backyard.

It was my job to look after them – feed and water them each day, let them out to free-range in the morning, take out the day’s kitchen scraps in the evening to lure them back into their pen, and – most importantly – collect the eggs.

I’ll admit, it was often more of a chore than an enjoyment. I was young, and I just wanted to play computer or watch TV. But looking back now, I realise how valuable the experience was and the sense of responsibility it instilled in me.

Now that I have my own children, I want them to have those same opportunities and experiences that I had. I want my kids to eat healthy food we produce ourselves, and to know where food really comes from. I want them to develop confidence and independence, and to get their hands dirty playing outside.

Keeping backyard chickens is not hard, and the rewards are many. Let me help you to experience them for your family!

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